I'm a San Francisco-based urban photographer. I love the energy, architecture, and details of cities, and I like that you can walk the same place over and over and still see something new each time.
My camera encourages me to get off my screens, get out the door, and it helps me notice the world around me. I like to say I capture the passed-by, the under-appreciated, and the not-noticed
Photography is a lifelong journey—there is always something new to learn and try, whether it is a new subject, a new technique, or just a new perspective. And while I’ve taken pictures since I was a kid, as life got busy 15 years ago, I stopped progressing and my photography became a bit aimless.
In late 2022 I picked up my camera and made a concerted effort to begin to learn and grow again. I found great teachers, classes, books, and videos, but most of all, I found time to shoot and share.
Check out my galleries here to see some of my selected works or ready my blog/newsletter Random Capture which chronicles my journey and showcases more of my work. 
I'm also passionate about sharing my knowledge so I offer photography instruction in-person and remotely. If you are interested in learning, please fill out the form below to reach me.
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